International Volunteers 2015

Year after year we receive more and more volunteers of an ever increasing quality and from a range of backgrounds. In 2015 we have received 22 international volunteers from eight countries around the world (USA, Canada, Australia, Venezuela, Scotland, Luxemburg, Hungary and Germany). The majority of the volunteers stayed in the Solar Community for two months. They worked on a range of different projects which included:

  • Design for a new storeroom
  • Composting latrine
  • Rain water collection
  • Business plan for the workshop AceSol
  • Workshops on heat transfer
  • Solar cooker stand
  • Repairing solar cookers
  • Solar water distiller for batteries
  • Study of the solar water pump systems
  • Solar water heater systems
  • Scientific organisation of the dry forest
  • Natural control of pests
  • Implementing a nursery and vegetable garden at the Solar Centre
  • Applying good environmental practises with COOMUSOT
  • EVA paper
  • Signs for the Solar Centre
  • Research into a bike mill
  • Maintenance to the PV structures at the Solar Centre
  • Rocket stoves and ecological ovens
  • Research into a PV charge station
  • Repairing and optimizing the irrigation system at the Solar Mountain

We want to thank you all for all your hard work, effort and willingness to help us develop the Solar Community. Thank you: Dan Buck, Trevor Langton, Laura Fidao, Julia Hawley, Emily Ferrando, Ruben Garza, Bridget Malone, Lucero Flores, Ewan Keddie, Greg Kurth, Matt Whisler, Charlotte D'Arcy, Andrew Berlin, Matthew Prestige, Sarah Paparo, Melida Alvarez, Mercedesz Kovacsics, Margaret Slattery, Erik Larrson, Dena Delia, Natalie Griffin, Lauren Barwise.