JPHF (Young People Pedalling Towards the Future)

JPHF is a group of young people that focuses on the development of social activities that benefit the community and whose primary purpose is the protection and care of natural resources within the community of Sabana Grande and its surroundings.

The Youth group, besides being involved with bicycle technologies (mechanical energy), has also been enthusiastic indeveloping rural community tourism as a means of promoting places that have potential for tourism in the community and the Municipality of Totogalpa. Currently JPHF is undertaking a new initiative to promote camp outs with national and international visitors to the community to be able to share experiences.

The idea behind the camp outs is to make the most of the important tourist places in the community and at the same time to create cultural exchanges with the different people who we welcome to the camp outs. In the mountains you can appreciate the view of the community of Sabana Grande, make campfires, and it is also a good place to reflect and take in some fresh air. It is a great opportunity to leave behind your daily routine and get in touch with nature.

We have also given tours outside the community which highlight the natural beauties of our municipality. Totogalpa in Nahuatl means "Town in a bird’s nest." Here you can visit different places like: the parish St. Mary Magdalene which is part of our national heritage, the archaeological museum of petroglyphs, ancient crafts, and weapons of war among other things. You can also go to the workshop where they make artisan crafts by painting gourds, or see how they make dolls out of corn husks or climb up the hill of the cross.