Local Intern Programme - Solar Community

The local Interns in 2015 have worked on various projects and activities in order to increase their experience which helps with their professional training. Some of the projects and activities that they have worked on are:

Vegetable garden using Good Agricultural Practices (GAP):

The demonstration vegetable garden was implemented in the Solar Centre in a particular part of the land where we sowed a variety of types of vegetable seeds. We organized ourselves to implement a range of GAP including different methods for planting, pest control and disease monitoring. We were therefore able to protect our vegetable garden using repellents, exfoliating organic fungicides and weeding by hand. We have also gained experience with different plantvarieties. One advantage of working in this manner is that you acquire a healthy product with high nutritional value as it is organic.

Support to the Early Learning Circle in the sector El Fraile:

This program began with the idea of helping children affiliated with Plan Nicaragua and other children who wanted to partake in the circle. The idea behind the initiative was to create an environment for recreation for the children and a means of instruction for mothers who receive talks on different topics. The children’s psychomotor development is monitored along with monthly controls for weight and height which are recorded.  This allows us to control the children’s advances and detect if they are having any difficulties.

Modifying the Bike Blender:

After a visit from Pulsera Project where they saw our bike blender they donated a stand for a bike blender which they had and did not use. They wanted us to adapt it to one of the bikes so that we could use the bike blender in fairs and public places as the donated stand has a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. We took a bike and a blender and added a rotating pin so that the blender would blend; the blender is located at the back of the bike. This demonstrates how appropriate technology can be used as an alternative when and where there is no electricity.

School Garden at San Miguel Arcangel Primary School:

In 2013 interns along with international volunteers took the initiative to develop a garden in an area of the school to help improve appearance and to recycle plastic bottles from the community along with international volunteers and parents of students. The project made good progress in the first year but after a lack of follow-up began to deteriorate. This year's group of interns reviewed the project and decided to start it up again and give it maintenance because this ecological project reduces the number of plastic bottles and at the same time uses the bike pump. This project was given the name “Patricia’s Memorial” in commemoration of a highly active members of the local interns who was also one of the founders of this initiative who sadly past away in April of this year.