Solar Mountain

The Solar Agroecological Promoters who work at the Solar Mountain have as part of their mission focus on the restoration of the earth through ecological practices. To comply with this we produce our own natural insecticide and natural fertilizers. In this effort in 2015 we have made 420 litres of natural insecticide from the leaves of madero negro and neem trees and in smaller quantities insecticides from Lime sulphur and papaya broth. We fumigate every Monday with these insecticides and we have produced 12 cubic meters of natural compost fertilizer which is incorporated into the soil to nourish it every time we plant seeds which also helps avoid people burning their dry leaves.

With these natural insecticides and fertilizers we have strengthened the growth of plants, some of which are already bearing fruit such as papaya, passion fruit, granadilla and coffee. To ensure the growth and health of these plants we make sure to give them proper care. We also take care of the bio-energetic forest as a future source of firewood.