PV Workshop Acesol

The Acesol Workshop, in recent months, has been developing different projects whose primary purpose is the use of clean energy in the community of Sabana Grande whilst giving suitable maintenance to the photovoltaic systems installed in the community.

In 2015 the most significant project that the workshop Acesol has worked on is a new prototype for a solar water distiller. It has a pyramid style design which helps to meet the demand for demineralized water for batteries used in the photovoltaic systems installed in the community and for those who have PV systems outside the community. The idea of this new prototype is to maximize the use of the five peak sunlight hours in the area. Also our prototype is built from locally available materials which allows us to repair the distiller when something breaks or is damaged.

National university students internships:

This activity promotes and develops practical experience in university students pursuing degrees in renewable energy. It is interesting for both students and those leading the internship as it is a chance to share knowledge which makes their experience and expertise increase .

Mini practical and theoretical course in photovoltaics:

Education is paramount to Grupo Fenix and for that reason we started this  learning initiative which is aimed at young people in the community and international volunteers who want to learn about solar energy. The course is designed to teach how photovoltaic energy works and the environmental, social and economic impact it has when the reduction of pollution is achieved. Our aim is that the young people can apply and develop the knowledge they acquire in the course in a range of places that use solar energy.