First and foremost Grupo Fenix is a community organisation, run by the community, for the benefit of the community. Grupo Fenix is a not for profit organisation, but does not follow a traditional NGO model, we like to consider ourselves a social enterprise. What does this mean, well, whereas a traditional NGO relies solely on donations and grants we are almost completely financially sustainable, generating most income from courses and exchanges that we offer. We do receive grants and donations occasionally, especially for large projects such as new buildings.

Community empowerment is central to the way we operate, leading to a number of our members forming their own groups, which reflects the diversification of activities as we have grown. Today Grupo Fenix acts as an umbrella organisation for four sub-groups, while still carrying out programs of its own.


Our Vision

We are a sustainable organisation working with appropriate and innovative technologies to improve the quality of life of Nicaraguan families and rural communities in the areas of health, education, employment, environment and gender equity


Our Mission

Grupo Fenix 's mission is to enable community development and empowerment by facilitating technological and cultural exchanges. We also offer continuing education courses for Nicaraguan and international audiences thus generating employment and growth opportunities for the local community.