·         Hands on renewable energy and appropriate technology experience

·         Work closely with local experts in renewable energy and appropriate technology

·         Full immersion in Nicaraguan life, culture and Spanish language

·         Remote and beautiful location in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua

·         Keywords: PV, solar ovens, rocket stoves, organic farming, community development, Spanish


·         Minimum age 18

·         Three-week commitment

·         Intermediate Spanish (all work and classes will be carried out in Spanish)

·         Full travel & medical insurance

·         Necessary vaccinations

·         Necessary flights & visas

·         Willingness to live and work in a rural setting

The internship fee is US$1775 per person which covers all lodging, meals, transportation, activities, taxes, and fees during the 19-day stay in Nicaragua, and contributes to project costs. Airfare is not included. Participants can fundraise for the trip from their personal networks or pay out of pocket.

While on site you will stay with host families where you will have breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be provided in our clean energy restaurant. In your host family you will have your own bedroom and share washing facilities with your family which will be basic (usually bucket showers and latrines). Our host families are well experienced at hosting international interns and most interns find that it is the most impacting part of the whole experience. It will allow you to experience how local people live, immersing yourself in the culture and language, and giving you the opportunity to make some very special bonds with people. There is no internet service available on site, however you can easily get online in the nearby town, a short bus ride away, or can buy a local simcard and connect via data packages.

To apply for this internship please fill out the form below.

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If you are interested please send a copy of your CV and a letter of interest to contact@grupofenix.org