Renewable Energy Internship Itinerary 2018:

Day 1: Pick up from Managua airport and transfer to hotel in Managua where you will spend the night (dinner not included).

Day 2: Pick up from Managua and transfer to Sabana Grande, stopping for lunch along the way. Upon arrival in Sabana Grande you will receive a brief orientation and have a welcome dinner with your host families and other interns.

Day 3 - 7: In the mornings, you will receive Spanish classes in small groups of three to four people.  On the first afternoon, you will receive a tour of the Solar mountain. The Solar Mountain is a mission centred on a piece of land in Sabana Grande, about 35 acres in size, about a fourth of which is flat and the rest mountainside. The land was purchased with a mandate to provide a space to show how humans can make a living while still putting more into the land than they take out of it. The rest of the afternoons you will work with community members of the Agro-Ecological Solar promotors. Work could include but is not limited to making natural insecticide, organic compost, reforesting, planting organic beans, corns and vegetables and developing a fruit orchard with a large variety of fruits.

Day 8: JPHF, the local youth group, will take you to Totogalpa where they will give you a guided tour of la casa de tuza, el taller de pintura de jicaro, the museum, the central park, the local market and la casa gastronomica where you can learn how different traditional foods are made. You will then stop for lunch before continuing on to Ocotal where you will visit la casa de cultura, a view point and end the tour in the central park where you can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi.

Day 9: Somoto Canyon, one of the oldest rock formations in Central America, has become one of the main attractions in Northern Nicaragua. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will explain the volcanic rock tectonics and nature you see. You will hike, travel in boat and have the chance to swim.

Day 10 morning: Build your own solar cell phone charger.  This workshop will allow you the chance to experience what is like to build a PV panel on a small scale

Day 10 – 14 afternoons: You will receive Spanish class for two hours.

Day 11 morning: You will receive a class that prepares you to do a small PV installation.  Here you will become familiar with all of the different components of a PV system and their uses. You will also get the chance to practice wiring an installation in one of our models so that you are ready to go out into the field.

Day 12 – 14 mornings: You will work with our local PV experts to install PV systems in the local rural community.

Day 15: Travel to Granada stopping for lunch along the way. You will have the afternoon and evening free to explore this colonial city (dinner not included).

Day 16: You will visit Laguna de Apoyo where you can spend the day swimming in the beautiful volcanic lagoon and enjoy a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, you will return to Granada where you will have the evening to continue exploring (dinner not included).

Day 17: On the way back to Sabana Grande you will stop in Masaya where you will go to the volcano, the market where you will get the chance to buy souvenirs, handcrafts and stop for lunch. You will arrive back to Sabana Grande in the afternoon.

Day 18 - 21: In the mornings. you will work with the Solar Women of Totoglapa to build improved cook stoves in houses within the community. In the afternoons, you will receive two hours of Spanish class.

Day 21 evening: Share your last dinner in Sabana Grande with your host family and those that you have worked with over the past three weeks while enjoying some typical dances from the youth group.

Day 22: Transfer to Managua, where you will spend the night, stopping for lunch along the way (dinner not included).

Day 23: Transfer to airport.