We have touched the lives of many people, but here are some stories of the personal impact of our work.



Bertha Lopez, and her granddaughter Samantha

Only a few years ago Bertha's house was lit by nothing but candles and gas lamps, which are dirty, dangerous and hard to read by.

Now with the 120W solar system installed by ACESol Berta has clean, bright light in every room, and can even charge a cellphone, or use a small fan. 

The impact of this cannot be underestimated, allowing Bertha's children, one of whom is in medical school, to continue studying in the evening. Even the simple act of spending time together as a family is greatly improved as they gather around a radio.

Bertha is a Member of the steering committee of Las Mujeres Solares de Totogalpa Cooperative.

Before we had to use candles at night, and now with the solar system I have light in every room. It’s really good.
— Bertha Lopez, Cooperative Member and recipient of Solar PV system

Oscar Sanchez

Oscar working with the community and one of our interns

Oscar started out with Grupo Fenix as a part of our local internship program, and is now a full time employee managing our inventory of tools and materials, coordinating the internship program he was once a participant of and plays an important role in managing our finances.

I like working with Grupo Fenix, because of the shared expertise and experiences with people from other countries, and the work that Grupo Fenix does in community development, and the knowledge empowerment of the members of the solar community.
— Oscar Sanchez, Community Member & Grupo Fenix Administration Assistant