Community Development Volunteers:  You will work directly in an area of community development identified by the community itself.  The main area being focused on at the moment is education via our English, Chess and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) instructor positions.

Current positions include:

Volunteer advisers: You will work directly with the steering committee, member groups or the central administration team. The purpose of these positions is to fill a skill gap in our organisation and to increase the skill level accordingly. The positions have been identified by the member groups or the central administration team. We are looking for advisers who have a skill level at least one above that of the intended counterpart.

Current positions include:

If you feel that you have a skill to offer us that is not covered in the current positions, please contact us directly expressing your interest and the area in which you think you can help us, we would love to hear from you.

Both these roles are generally suitable for those who have:

  • Traveled independently but have limited work experience abroad e.g. have participated in a cultural exchange, work or study abroad experience.
  • Have an intermediate level of Spanish.
  • Are willing to make a minimum commitment of two months.

The fee is US$600 for your first month and US$450 thereafter which is then reduced to US$350 upon completion of the third month. The fee covers board and lodging with one of our host families (breakfast, dinner, purified water and Sunday lunch), transportation from pick up point in Managua to Sabana Grande and orientation.

The first step to becoming a Grupo Fenix Volunteer Adviser to make sure that this is the sort of experience you are looking for. To do this, please make sure to read all the sections of this website as well as the Grupo Fenix Volunteer Handbook. This will give you an introduction to what life is like as a Grupo Fenix Volunteer Adviser, what you should expect and what is expected from you in return. In interviews you may be asked questions based on information found in the Volunteer Handbook.  Once you have done this please fill out the application below clearly stating which position you are applying for.

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